CH4455 – Distance Learning (Inorganic Chemistry)


Dr J. A. McNulty and Dr A. Stasch


Dr E. R. Kay


This course offers parts of the material covered by modules CH4514 and CH4515, in a distance learning mode to students on the MChem one year placement.  It aims to build on the students’ fundamental knowledge of inorganic chemistry.

The course covers the heavier d-block and f-block metals and also the theory behind bonding, magnetism and electronic spectroscopy in d- and f-block metal complexes.  At the end of the course students should be in a position to understand fully the nature of the bonding in d- and f-block metal systems, the electronic spectra of d-block and f-block complexes and to rationalise trends in chemical properties both down and across the periodic table.  Students will also be introduced to several industrial applications of f-block complexes.

In addition, the syntheses, structures, bonding modes, and selected reactivity of a wide range of molecular main group compounds from the p- (and s-) block, including low valent and low coordinate mono- and dinuclear species, and selected ring and cluster compounds, will be introduced. Further advanced topics and concepts in p- (and s-) block chemistry will be covered, including the stabilization of heavier main group multiple bonds, low coordinate main group element centres, frustrated Lewis pairs and weakly coordinating anions. At the end of the course, students should have a better understanding and overview of many trends in modern main group chemistry and the influence of the applied ligand type.