CH4441 – External Placement [AY 2024-25]


Approximately 12 months (from June onwards)


Dr G. Haehner


To give the student experience of making job applications, of competitive job interviews, and of employment in the chemical industry or in a similar (e.g. public service) laboratory.


It is hoped that a student on successful completion of this module will have gained an appreciation of the following:

1.    The compilation of a Curriculum Vitae.

2.    The procedure of making job applications and of competitive job interviews.

3.    Work in an industrial environment, and the associated constraints (e.g. the need to maintain confidentiality in relation to processes used and results obtained) and discipline (e.g. safety, laboratory records, time-keeping).

4.    Teamwork in an industrial environment.

5.    The communication of scientific results, both orally and in writing.


Continuous assessment by the industrial supervisor, with monitoring by a member of the School’s Academic Staff.