Digitising your work

Neil Keddie
Wednesday 19 August 2020

To share handwritten work with your tutors, or to be able to submit handwritten answers for class tests and exams there are several solutions.

Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens, is available for both Android and iOS platforms. It lets you use your mobile phone as a document scanner to quickly capture your handwritten material as a PDF.

Scan to PDF using uniprint

There are a large number of uniprint printers across the University (including the Chemistry Common Room and Chemistry Library), which allow for scanning documents straight to a PDF. Follow the guidance from IT services to use this facility, which is free.

Photos to PDF

You can capture your handwritten material as a series of photos using a smartphone or digital camera, which can be combined together to make a single PDF. The following guides cover how to do this using Word (Office 365 version) on Windows or macOS.

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